Angsana Velavaru - Be pampered!

Angsana Velavaru - Be pampered!


Publicerad: 2009-10-21

As so many times befor it is the people who make all the difference. Very few resorts can boast the same amount of overwhelmed feedback from ecstatic guests. The management in particular, with mr Andrew Langston at the head of his marvellous staff, does an admirable job caring for a wide selection of people from very different areas of the world. Velavaru, being one of the most photogenique islands in the Maldives, no small feat, makes for a great backdrop for your total chillout time.

The price for the nearly luminous lagoon and the wide, powder soft beach is the lack of a house reef. Velavaru offers daily excursions on boat to different snorkelling sites, for free of course, why this "flaw" is nothing to give any attention to whatsoever. Most likely the only not perfect quality in this blessed place.

The other part of the resort is situated far out at the edge of the lagoon and requeries a boat to be reached. The spectacular "In Ocean Villas" (IOVs) have a fairytale spa and an italian inspired restaurant, Azzuro. naturally guests from the island itself can also use these facilities. The Villas are mostly inhabited by asian couples on their honeymoon who just adore Water Villas in the Maldives. The Villas are beyond roomy with infinity pool and a vear inducing view that demands oxygen if enjoyed for any prolonged time. Magic.

No matter what accomodation you'll choose you will be lovingly cared for and long to return even before you leave this heavenly island.

Skriven av linda, 2011-09-23 09:33:01

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